Our operational services provide ongoing technical and administrative services needed to manage the day-to-day operations of your training, engagement, analytics & incentive channel programs. All operational services are performed by an Administrator, Consultant, or Senior Consultant, depending on your needs.

Sometimes taking on new software can be overwhelming. Gain access to your very own administrator that fully understands your solutions and the best way to operate it.

Use an Administrator as a source of knowledge or as part of your team! You can ask questions and receive guidance on how to use the system. You can also outsource part, or all, of your software administrating and have an Administrator perform all your administrator roles and responsibilities. 

Our consultants are here to handle any requests that an Administrator cannot address. Our consultants consist of both technical and business consultants. 

Use a Technical Consultant for reconciling daily import errors, technical changes, configuration services, customization services (feature management, site text, coding changes), building custom reports, creating and disseminating content and updating content pages.

Use a Business Consultant for running email and communication campaigns, moderating your blog/forum, and much more. 

Senior Consultants
Our Senior Consultants are the most experienced consultants we have. They are the technical architects that have built our solutions and can handle major issues.

A Senior Consultant can perform the same duties as a Consultant, but bring more experience. Depending on your need, a Senior Consultant may handle your request.