We all know communication is the key to success in any relationship.
This is especially true in channel networks that consist of other people selling and servicing your products, but consistent and effective communication is not easy when dealing with channels.

Since your channel partners and their employees are not actual employees of yours, it's difficult to manage communications and influence favorable behavior.

That's where Latitude, your personal channel marketing team, steps in. Our channel marketing services allows you to actively engage with your sales & service channels on a regular basis to drive training, engagement & analytics.

Latitude's channel marketing services allows you to:

  • share product and resource information
  • encourage participation in training and reputation building activities
  • inform users of changes in incentive programs
  • educate channel staff on promotional activities
  • share success stories... and so much more!

We understand what motivates channels and use that knowledge to influence behavior. We use digital marketing to align your channel's motivations with the actions you would like them to take, which for you means pushing more product and services through your channel.

Channel partner communities have seen very desirable outcomes from Latitude's channel marketing services as we commit ourselves to finding new, innovative marketing avenues.

Current (but growing) digital marketing services:

  • newsletters
  • blog moderation
  • social media
  • email campaign management
  • forum moderation