Over 10,000 organizations and more than 3 million people have used Latitude's products & services. Below is a sample of the many clients Latitude has helped to build a stronger channel network.


Client Testimonials

"With the help of Latitude solutions, the Chrysler Group is able to extend learning and certification courses to dealers, gauge dealer performance and identify critical factors that impact overall dealership performance."
Patrick Kittle
Director, Chrysler Group

"Our mission is to ensure the highest of standards in the specialty of emergency medicine; we couldn’t do it without Latitude’s efforts. The advances we have had to make couldn’t have been done without the concrete partnership."
Earl J. Reisdorff M.D.
Executive Director, ABEM

"Latitude's solution is perfect for the Dealer industry. The brilliant thing about Latitude is that they have experience with a dealer network distribution channel. One of the main reasons why we made a switch to Latitude was because we are looking to penetrate within the dealerships more broadly."
Laurie Rengel
Manager of Service Dealer Development, Polaris

"Well-trained associates who can offer knowledgeable advice are critical to independent pet stores' success and survival. Partnering with Latitude has been an important factor in Pet Store Pro's growth. We've been able to create a customized user interface that's tailored to retailers' specific needs and comfort level with technology, while tapping into a stable and well-supported LMS on the backend."
Stephanie Kaplan
Director of Online Education, PIDA

"We are so happy to have Latitude as our partner for delivering online training to our teaching and learning teams at Primrose Schools. Online training is just one element in our training plans, but it is the important element that ensures message and content consistency. Its availability is already making a difference."
Mecca Johnson
Executive Director of Professional Development, Primrose Schools